Special Retreats

What is an Ascent Retreat?

Unlike business retreats or other group retreats, Ascent guests come by themselves. One from France or Australia, another from New Jersey, a few from someplace else, more from other places… different countries, different cities. Some are religious Observant. Others are Reform. Some have just found out a parent is Jewish. Some have recently become curious about their Judaism and are attending a beginner’s seminary or yeshiva or are traveling in Israel to discover their history, culture, religion, heritage.. Some have stopped into Israel on their way to India and have no desire to be Jewish but they are curious about Kaballah. All may be different. All are welcome.

Most retreat attendees are in their 20s. A few are 17-19. A few are much older.

Attendees come as strangers — and they leave as friends.

What will you experience at our retreats? Things like this.

  • Planned classes or discussions relevant to the retreat’s theme.
  • Spontaneous informal discussions, relevant to the retreat’s theme or not. Simply relevant to some of the attendee’s lives.
  • Spontaneous music on a porch, in Ascent’s garden, in Ascent’s cave
  • Spontaneous night trips to sing or play music in the hidden cave at the Metzuda (aka Citidel), Tzfat’s highest point in the middle of the city.
  • Dancing at the weekly musical havdallah
  • Spontaneous dancing wherever it breaks out.
  • Spontaneous singing at a meal, as people share stories, or just because…
  • Hikes or walks through the old city or the beautiful mountains.
  • Painting.
  • Challah baking — great for us on so many levels.
  • And so much more

UPCOMING 2016 RETREATS – Click here to view our event calender

Nov. 11-12 The Shabbat Project @ Ascent

Dec. 1-3  The Sense of Sleep and Dreams

Dec. 8-10  Positive Thinking

Dec. 16-17  Mysticism & Me

Dec. 23-24 Jewish meditation

Dec. 25 – Jan. 1  Festival of Light – Chanukah Experience @ Ascent

Jan 12-14. Healthy Living Retreat