Who’s Who

Some of the staff, scholars and guest lecturers you might meet at Ascent:

Amichai Cohen was born in Jerusalem Israel, a descendant of illustrious Sephardic kabbalists. In his ten years in Florida he was the Rabbi of the Boca Torah Center, teaching children and adults. He is a recognized expert at teaching Kabbalah to beginners, at Ascent and internationally on the Web.

Amram Moyal is a former dancer and pantomime artist whose presentations combine his flair for performance arts and music with a profound mastery of Kabbalistic teachings.

Chaim Kumer, who performs at top music festivals, is a world-class clarinet player who specializes in Chassidic and Eastern European klezmer with a jazzy twist. He also holds a PhD in Education.

Chaya Bracha Leiter is an experienced guide who weaves mystical teachings with hands-on workshops, historical tours and nature hikes into a truly complete soul-mind-heart-body experience.

Gili Shushan, a (former) star of Israeli TV and cinema, is a critically acclaimed actor and performer with an engaging and unassuming personality. His music contains metaphoric references to Kabbalistic teachings and his contemplative talks stir the soul.

Izzy Greenberg, a writer and scholar of philosophy and Jewish mysticism, studied at NYU and the Rabbinical College of America and has worked in film, journalism and marketing. He serves as Ascent’s Educational Director.

Mordechai “Big Mo” Siev, Ascent’s Director of Development, captivates audiences and warms hearts at Ascent with his humble wit, and inspires with a unique, down-to-earth teaching style.

Shaul Leiter, the co-founder and Executive Director of Ascent, is a beloved teacher and spiritual guide with an uncanny ability to communicate profound spiritual subjects to students of all backgrounds.

Shulamit Tilles, who holds a Masters in Clinical Sociology and a Bachelors of Education, is a founding member of the Ascent team with expertise on the Kabbalah of love and relationships. She is a respected teacher and mentor, and an expert on women in the Bible and women’s issues.

Yaron Mierowsky, is the Program Director at Ascent, a charismatic and gifted teacher with extensive wisdom well beyond his years on a variety of subjects, is your guide at Ascent in both the physical and metaphysical realms.

Yerachmiel Tilles, the co-founder of Ascent and the Editor of KabbalaOnline.org, is a gifted author, teacher and master storyteller who transports audiences to other-worldly realms.