Ascenters Say…

I love this place!

Just hilarious! Sweet and mysterious! Wise and deep!

Now I love Judaism!

Always interesting!

Thanks, and may this Tsfat light will always be with me.

Camila Calle, Bogota, Columbia

I came to Ascent 12 years ago, you inspired me, I went back home, I studied intensively, I opened a Jewish summer camp in California several years ago , recruited (among others) a public school girl from Arizona, she was inspired to become Torah-observant, and now this year she decided to go to Israel to study more…in Tsfat!. The circle is complete. Do you see it? Clearly you have a share in the credit.

Gershon Sandler, New York     

 ­­­­Dear Rabbi Leiter,

Just wanted to drop you a line to express how fabulous the Ascent experience is. I was at the hostel in November 2008 — the guy with the white Greek fisherman’s hat. I am happy that the staff convinced me to stay through a Shabbat. You have an excellent staff.

Morley Goldberg, California


Wanted to express my appreciation for your continuing translation of Mudaot Yehudit (“Jewish Awareness” or “Conscious Judaism”).

Keep up this amazing work. You are the best.
Haim Katzir, Los Angeles

I just wanted to reach out, and say thank you to all the staff at Ascent for making my stay in Tsfat as pleasant as it could have been. Although I was only there for two days, the experiences I had during that time were absolutely amazing. I truly believe that because of the warmth of the staff at Ascent I was able to reach new heights in my personal connection with g-d and for that I am eternally grateful.

I gave Ascent a mention on my most recent blog post which details a story of tremendous divine intervention that I experienced on my trip back to Jerusalem this past erev Shabbos. Had it not been for Ascent I don’t know if I would have been able to handle the situation as calmly as I did.

Daniel M. Feinberg, New York

Thank you from my heart –really!– for the excellent emails that you send me each week. Unlike most of the amail I receive which I immediately delete, yours I look forward to and read with great enjoyment. Each piece is educational and beneficial, and renews for me the appreciation of how sweet is our Torah.

Leah Peretz, Givataiyim (Israel)

I just wanted to thank you for your KabbalaOnline Magazine, which I subscribe to. Your writings are so excellent.

Angela, Washington State USA
I attended a recent relationship conference at Ascent. i appreciazted it so much. What i liked the most about it was the different age groups of those attending and those presenting. The sincerity of the presenters was touching and moving. The information really boosted the confidence of many people. Also, as a result i seem to have met the most perfect match for me that is humanly or heavenly imagineable! I also made some good friends from the roommate situation.

Nechama Haber, New York – Haifa

Without a doubt ASCENT has an extraordinary staff and a most pleasant atmosphere, as well as professional-quality teachers who are at the same time wise,interesting and sensitive.I left for home fully charged with adrenalin; I didn’t want the experience to end. People who haven’t been there yet just don’t know what they are missing.

Alex, Beit Shemesh

Thank you for the beautiful Zohar interpretations you send to me each week. I LOVE and MISS you Ascent & Safed and Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai in Meron!

Lindsey Zerivitz, USA

Just a note to let you know that I appreciate the stories and happenings you bring to us on your website and in the email subscriptions…. You connect us with Rabbis of days gone by, in a way that their lives are still living and being told today.


Thank you for including me in the lessons and the stories that you mail out. They are so good and so rich. The ways of the Jewish People are so opposite those of the world that it’s staggering! Some of these Truths we have never even thought of before! But you teach them in such a beautiful way–so soft and gentle. You have so much to teach the world.


What a superb revelationis this “Baal Shem Tov Encounters Moshiach” letter (Holiday Mailing #127, 18 Elul 5769/2009). I will read it regularly from now on. Thank you from the ends of the earth!

Serge (Zeilik Moshe Ben Shmuel)) Kemelmager, Wellington – New Zealand

I love your website… I can get lost in it for hours! Thanks for the great work,

Shoshana Goldlioust, Toronto, Canada

I love your Pirkei Avos sections. Wonderful Chassidic and mystical insights!

Devorah Leopold
The more I read about Kabbalah, the more secure I feel and the more I feel close to what is important and understand what is not. I am committed to studying more everyday. I wish there was someone close to talk to and ask questions to. So the daily mail from has become more than important to me! Thank you for the sharing of your wisdom with me.

Love the new look. It’s much easier to navigate and more professional looking. It more truly reflects the excellent content this website offers.

Zev Gross, Wisconsin USA

I am writing a story about my experiences there for the New Yorker magazine. I would like to quote the lovely description of Tsfat on your website. I am writing the story in a way that conveys the love that connects us all — when we’re open to and respectful of the differences – the diversity — that adds so much flavor to the stew! Rather than letting the differences divide us.

Louise Hauck, New York

My family and I are coming to Israel for a year and want to start our year (next summer) with an Ulpan. I read your website and am interested in learning more about Summer Ulpan possibilities.

Professor Charles H. Fine, Cambridge, MA

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