Holy Sites

Abbaye and Rava

They were one of history’s most famous pairs, noted, of all things, for their intense arguments with one another! Read More


The reputed best method nowadays to meet your soul-mate is to visit “Amuka,” an ancient site [Joshua. 19:27] hidden in a wooded valley between Zefat and Chatzor in the Upper Galilee. Read More

Ari’s Mikvah

Brrr! A bit chilly, you say.

Yes, but there must be some reason why this mikveh is so popular that an estimated
500,000 visitors — from Tsfat and from all over the world — come to immerse in its spiritually purifying waters every year. Read More

The Be’er Mayim Chayim

Rabbi Chaim’s love of the Sabbath was so extraordinary that on the red-arrowed-marker pointing to his gravesite in Tsfat’s famous ancient cemetery… Read More

Benaihu ben Yehoyada

In fact, it took no greater of a luminary that the Holy Ari to “sense” that a certain spot where he was hiking with his disciples some 500 years ago on the outskirts of Tsfat, was indeed the resting place of ben Yehoyada. Read More

Benyamin HaTzadik

The tomb of Benyamin HaTzadik is one of Tzfat’s more colorful gravesites. It is also the most homey. Read More

Discoveries of the Holy Ari

I will write about the burial places of the righteous as my master told them to me. As we have said before, he was able to see the souls of righteous people at any time and in any place, and even more so at their burial site, for that is where their Nefesh stands. Read More

Chana and her Seven Sons

For some, it may be viewed as one of the greatest stories of martrydom in Jewish history, perhaps even greater than the famous “Akeida” in which our forefather Avraham was all set to sacrifice his only son, Issac. Read More

Choni HaMagel

A young schoolboy returning from the gravesite of Choni HaMe’agel breathlessly exclaims: “You know what? I stood in the same circle as Choni!” Read More


MERON is a sleepy mountain village a few miles west of Zefat that once a year undergoes a remarkable transformation. Read More

Nachum Ish-Gamzu

Whether it’s raining or scorching sun, this too is a good time to visit the tombsite of Nachum Ish Gamzu. And not just because the famous Mishnaic sage would always say of everything that befell him: “Gam zu l’tovah” – “this too is for the good.” Read More

Leib Baal Hayisurim

“The Master of Suffering” or “The Afflicted One”– was an outstanding scholar and G-d-fearing man, a major disciple of Rabbi Shneur Zalman, the first Rebbe of Chabad. Read More

Pinchas Ben Yair

The resting place of Rabbi Pinchas Ben Yair, the father-in-law** of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, lays at the entrance of Tsfat’s new cemetery. Yet, it outdates by many centuries, not only the burial sites in the new cemetery, but even those of the luminaries from the “Golden Era”… Read more

Rabbi Tarfon

Rabbi Tarfon, a Mishnaic sage (teacher of the Oral Law), was born in Lud and was a descendent of a family of priests. Read More

Rabbi Yehuda Bar Iloi

Utterly poor in possessions, yet rich in Torah wisdom and sterling character traits, no other Jewish sage has earned quite a prominent position in the Talmud as Rabbi Yehudah Bar Iloi. Read More

Rabbi Yosi Sargosi

It must have been quite a sight — dozens, maybe hundreds, of noisy roosters clucking and plucking their way down the Tsfat-Meron road to the gravesite of Rav Yossi Saragossi. Read More