What you’ll find at Ascent:

Ascent offers 3 to 5 sessions every weekday, and a more elaborate schedule on weekends and during the summer. Each program generally has a theme during which we explore different topics, such as Creativity & Spirituality, Mind Over Matter, The Kabbalah of Love, or Astrology. While each session is unique, the general goal is to provide a forum through which individuals of all backgrounds can grow in their own way, and take away some practical knowledge or skills that contributes to living a more successful and spiritual life.

About once a month we hold a three-day retreat with a more elaborate program, including creative workshops and concerts, and during the summer months extended programs are offered during the week as well.

Weekend Retreats.

Every weekend is a retreat at Ascent. Weekends feature meditation sessions, tours of the Old City of Tzfat, communal meals, classes, lectures and other opportunities. Extended three-day retreats offer a more extensive program.
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Weekly Sessions.

Three sessions every weekday at Ascent: 9:15am, 12:00pm and 8:30pm, with additional sessions during the summer.
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Customize Your Experience.

We want your Ascent experience to be as unique as you are. Our staff, scholars in residence and in-house personal counselors are available for private study and/or discussion sessions. We are also open to your suggestions, and are happy to arrange individualized plans to meet your needs and goals.
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Ascent offers special programs for groups. Whether you are a large tour group or Birthright group, or a small group of friends, whether you are looking for a multi-day retreat or a one to two hour workshop or a tour, Ascent can provide you with an unforgettable experience.
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IDF Soldiers.

Spend a weekend at Ascent, and you are likely to see a large group of up to 100 or more soldiers participating in our Spirit of Security program designed for IDF soldiers and officers in conjunction with the IDF. Soldiers enjoy an engaging Jewish experience and gain a better sense of what they are fighting for, uplifting their spirits and, as one senior officer puts it, “giving them the best weapon they can have on the battlefield” as they defend our land and our people.
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