Passover Campaign


Dear Friend and Supporter,

For the past thirty years Ascent’s Passover campaign has been helping the disadvantaged of Tsfat – teens at risk, single parents, the elderly, low-income families, students – as well as soldiers stationed far from home – to celebrate Pesach in a dignified and Jewish way.

You are receiving this because you have been one of our important partners in this endeavor.

Do not abandon a community that no one else is looking after.  Please give generously.

Matza is a symbol of humility. True humility includes realizing how much G-d has done, and does, for us and showing Him our appreciation and gratitude by helping others.

I am sure you know what we achieve at Ascent. Over 65,000 people a year participate in our programs. We cover over 60% of our own budget and only 7% is spent on fundraising. IDF soldiers, Taglit-Birthright groups, students and travelers all find a welcoming home here at Ascent.

We invite you to come and visit us too!

Thank you for being part of our Pesach campaign. Together we can provide a warm, authentic Pesach experience for so many.


Rabbi Shaul Leiter