Pesach Extreme Retreat in Ascent Tzfat

Pesach 2016-Ascent

Join people from around the world for an uplifting, exciting and inspiring Passover in the mystical city of Tzfat.

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The Passover 2016 Experience at Ascent is divided into three programs. Join us for one, two or all three.

Thursday-Sunday, April 22-25: The Seder & First Days
* Passover Seder
* Art & Soul Workshop
* Meditation Sessions,
* Lectures & Tours

Monday-Thursday, April 26-28 :The Middle Days
* Hikes (Kayaking & Rappelling)
* Biking on the Kinneret
* Live Concerts
* Music Workshops
* Kabbalah Classes
* Nature Outings
* Juicing Detox
* BBQ & bonfire

Friday-Sunday, April 29-30: The Last Days
* Shabbat hospitality
* Meditation Sessions
* Festive meals
* Lectures & Tours

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Student, new Olim, & lone soldier discounts available.

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