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June 9-12. Shavout Retreat

June 17-18. Positive Thinking

June 24-25. Experience a Soul Mate

June 30 -July 2. The Valley of Love Retreat

July 8-9. The Power of Redemption

July 15-16. Healthy Living

July 22-23. Your Inner Tample

July 12-13. Kabbalah and Astrology

Aug. 4-6. Meet the Kabbalists Retreat

Aug. 12-13. The Keys to True Happiness

Aug. 15-16-17. Klezmer Festival

Aug. 19-20. The Musical and the Mystical

Aug. 26-27. Art & Soul

Sep. 2-3. The Power of Soul Revulotion

Sep. 9-10. Kabbalah and Astrology

Sep. 16-17. Jewish Meditation

Sep. 23-24. Pession and Progress

Sep. 30- Oct 1. Getaway to the New Year