Tzfat Synagogues

Abuhav Shul

The synagogue is named after Rabbi Yitzchak Abuhav, a renowned 15th century Spanish rabbi. Tradition claims he designed the synagogue while still in Spain, incorporating kabbalistic symbols into the design. Read More

Avreitsh Shul

At the Avreitsh Synagogue, the holy Rav Avraham Dov Auerbach screamed: Come to me!” In a split second the men standing in the western half of the synagogue ran to the eastern half and huddled around the Rebbe, who prostrated himself near the bima and cried out to G-d for mercy. Read More

Alsheich Shul

Come Shabbat day some 500 years ago, the ancient Alsheich Shul was the place to be. Of all the famous synagogues that flourished in Tzfat’s “Golden Era,” perhaps none other drew a larger crowd. Read more

Yosef Karo Shul

Although the synagogue of the saintly Rabbi Yosef Karo is used mostly for prayer and learning today, there was a time when it also served as the seat of one of the world’s most prestigious rabbinical courts. Read More

 Beit Yosef (Caro) Shul

The plaque above the entrance is a dedication to the man responsible for rebuilding the synagogue after the earthquake of 1837, Yitzchak Guetta. Guetta, an Italian Jew, was distressed to hear of the destruction caused by the earthquake in Tzfat. Read More

Ari- Sephardi Shul

If you ask someone how to get to the Ari synagogue, you might get asked back: “The real Ari synagogue?” With two synagogues in Tzfat (Safed) bearing the name of the holy Ari — Rabbi Isaac Luria, only one, the Ari Sephardic Synagogue is where the Ari himself learned and prayed. Read More

Ari- Ashkenazi Shul

A synagogue was built on the site where the Ari and his disciples sang the Kabbalat Shabbat service. Because the present congregation is comprised primarily of European Jews, it is called the Ari Ashkenazi. Read More

Bannai Shul

Many a synagogue in the Holy city of Tzfat has been named after a righteous sage who prayed there, but this one, uniquely, was built on top of the very grave of its name-bearer, R. Yosi Bannai. Read More

List of Active Synagogues